I recently started experimenting with git annex, adding files that I've had floating across several computers to repositories. During the testing I had a few occasions where I wrecked a repository somehow, and decided to wipe it and start anew (at this point there was no important files in them so I thought this is the easiest way). Well, as it turns out this interacts badly with location tracking, since now git annex whereis shows files residing in all those destroyed repositories, all having same names as some existing repositories. This makes it hard to follow whether a repo actually has a file, or was the file only seen in some dead repo with the same name.

I planned on cleaning this up by looking up the UUIDs of the now stable, existing repos and untrusting all the dead copies (they should effectively disappear from git annex┬┤s output then, right?), but I didn't find an easy way to look up the UUID of the current repository (maybe this could be included in git annex status?) I also noticed that untrust cannot remove the trust based on the UUID -- if I try it I simply get "there is no git remote named "11908472-...", so I guess untrust works with git remote names, which I find a bit confusing, since trust.log logs the trust levels based on the UUID. I could just write into trust.log manually, but I'm unsure how the changes would get propagated.

What should I do? As a related wishlist item I would ask for some additional mechanisms for purging known-dead repositories from the location tracking database. And the ability to look up the UUID of the current repo, and to use the UUID to specify repositories when applicable (untrust and describe maybe).