I have one server, two computers, and one external HDD.

The git-annex repo on my server (nhost) has the following remotes:

qhost qhost:NIdata (fetch) qhost qhost:NIdata (push) zhost zhost:NIdata (fetch) zhost zhost:NIdata (push)

The repo on zhost has the following remotes:

data0 /run/media/mee/data0/NIdata/ (fetch) data0 /run/media/mee/data0/NIdata/ (push) nhost nhost:NIdata (fetch) nhost nhost:NIdata (push)

The repo on my HDD (data0) has thefollowing remotes:

nhost nhost:NIdata (fetch) nhost nhost:NIdata (push) qhost /qhost/home/mee/NIdata/ (fetch) qhost /qhost/home/mee/NIdata/ (push) zhost /zhost/home/mee/NIdata/ (fetch) zhost /zhost/home/mee/NIdata/ (push)

Any ideas how I can set up a remote from nhost to data0, without making the identity of data0 dependent on which machine I am using on each particular session?