I do not know yet if that it possible since I have only cursory knowledge of former grafts in git and what new came to replace them.

The use case: we have a git-annex repo (heudiconv converted MRI data) where some files with sensitive information were added directly to git not git-annex. We do not want to rewrite the entire history since that repository already saw a good number of clones and forks. I wondered if we could

  1. move those files under git-annex
  2. establish a new history from that new tree object
  3. "graft" new history commit into the old "sensitive" one as to establish correspondence between the two
    • I would expect then something like "git pull --ff-only" to work for people seamlessly jumping between those points
  4. git push only new history to github thus not revealing old history with sensitive data under git

Joey, WDYT? any words of wisdom?