I have set up an annex on a remote machine and I am connecting via ssh. But, since it is a managed machine, I installed the git-annex binary in my own ~/bin. Well, when I try $git annex sync

I get: $git annex sync (merging origin/git-annex into git-annex...) (Recording state in git...) bash: git-annex-shell: command not found

Remote origin does not have git-annex installed; setting annex-ignore commit ok pull origin

merge: refs/remotes/origin/master - not something we can merge

merge: refs/remotes/origin/synced/master - not something we can merge failed git-annex: sync: 1 failed

The git remote -v looks correct. So, how do I tell git annex on my local machine where to use $HOME/bin in PATH on the remote machine when syncing with remotes?