I just was setting um my git-annex repository and started to sync my whole stuff in it.

Background: I have choosen git-annex to sync my whole stuff (pictures, mp3s, documents, etc) between my pc, notebook and a home-server

My Problems: 1) When I'm starting the git-annex deamon, the "Performing startup scan" message occurs for hours 2) git-annex synchronizes folders from the server which already on my pc, and that every time I restart the deamon on client

My Questions: For 1) is git-annex when running one repository suitable to manage > 100gb and > 50000 files? For 2) do I have to wait until every tasks are completed (everything is committed) to get rid of multiple downloads of the same folders/files 3) what is the best schema to sync between >2 devices should I use a Mesh or Star Schema (where my server is in the middle)

Thank You in advance! Regards J