I have my music library in music/ and some really old files I recently added in reallyold/. There are some MP3s in the really old files and some are the same as my library, so of course git annex is only keeping one copy. Now, I have an rsync remote, ma, which prefers content from music/ but doesn't want anything from reallyold/. So while right now it is trying to drop stuff, I suspect at some point that it will try to re-add them in virtue of being in music/, as I've got a loop.

I want to eliminate this by using the present keyword to disable dropping for stuff in reallyold/ and music/. Here is my attempt, which doesn't work--I am hoping someone can spot what's wrong.

(present and include=music/*) or (present and include=reallyold/*) or (exclude=reallyold/* and exclude=video/* and exclude= ...)

Note that music is included by virtue of not being excluded so it should satisfy the third disjunct. Thanks.