in remote-specific meta-data, we have learned how to insert our own remote-specific metadata, in remote.log. now, we need a way to remove that data. for some reason, injecting commits in the git-annex branch doesn't quite work, because other assistants will overwrite that merge thanks to the git-union-merge driver.

so far, i have found that it can be possible to work around this problem by repeatedly doing commits on the git-annex branch and running git-annex sync by hand after. it stumbles and flips around for a while, but eventually does it. it does create nice sparkles in gitk:

a tangled mess in gitk]

What is the proper way of removing entries from remote.log? How about propagating changes to the synced/git-annex branch? I can generate commits on git-annex using the git-annex index, and on the git-annex branch. But how should those changes be propagated to other branches?

Thanks! --anarcat