I am on OS X, using version 5.20140613. I installed using brew.

I have a really simple example where I'm trying to use local rsync to test transfer between two repos. It keeps asking me for a password over and over. I do not know what password it is.

I'm literally doing just this:

$ cd annex-tests
$ mkdir target
$ mkdir source
$ cat > source/text
hi this is a test
$ cd source
$ git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/me/Documents/annex-tests/source/.git/
$ git annex init
init  ok
(Recording state in git...)
$ git annex initremote rsync-login type=rsync rsyncurl=me@localhost:/Users/me/Documents/annex-tests/target encryption=none
initremote rsync-login ok
(Recording state in git...)
$ git annex describe rsync-login "test rsync url with a login"
describe rsync-login ok
(Recording state in git...)
$ git annex add text 
add text ok
(Recording state in git...)
$ git annex sync rsync-login --content
commit  ok
copy text copy text (checking rsync-login...) Password:

I try a blank password, I try my login password, I tried 'none' (the encryption type), I try everything.. no dice

So right off the bat let me explain a few things.

1 - Why not use rsa keys? Because I was having the exact same problem and I wanted to make it even easier and use login/password

2 - Why not use the webapp since a few forum posts say you can set passwords in there? because my annex doesn't seem to recognize the command.

$ git annex webapp
git-annex: unknown command webapp

3 - I verified my rsync command/url appears ok by doing the following. The password for that command is as expected, it is my username password:

$ cat > test2
hi test
$ rsync test2 me@localhost:/Users/me/Documents/annex-tests/target
$ cat /Users/me/Documents/annex-tests/target/test2
hi test

Any help will be appreciated!