git-annex looks very interesting and I would like it to version large binary artifacts for testing in our source code repository.

My question:

I want to have/can have multiple clones of the same repository on the same machine. However, as the binary files can be huge, I would like to store the files only exactly ONCE per machine and not again in the .git/annex/objects folder of each similar cloned repository.

To achieve that, I first created in


and then symlinked

ln -s /tmp/repo-clone1/.git/annex/objects /tmp/repo-clone2/.git/annex/objects

such that


share the same big files and the big files are only once on the machine.

Is this a good idea? Is there a better way to achieve this? Looks a bit hacky. Would be nicer if you can specify a dedicated "objects" folder from the start?!

Thanks and Regards, J