I'm starting to use git annex as a replacement for unison to sync/backup my family pictures. It looks very promising, thank you very much for all this work!

My big plan (for now) is to use git annex

  • on my Linux home server
  • on my mac OS laptop
  • on a (big) USB drive, that I could plug either on the server (at home) or the laptop (during holidays)

Since I want the USB drive to be usable from both Linux and mac OS, I picked FAT as a file system.

I first tried to set up a bare repository on the USB drive, but did hit the VFAT crazy limit on max filenames in directory. So I used a "directory" special remote, and copied files from the server. It works fine.

I then created the SSH remote on the laptop and synced some content. It works quite well too.

I would now like to plug the USB drive on the laptop and tell it "hey, this is the same remote as the one you've seen from the server, just mounted somewhere else" (the path is /Volumes/usbdrive/annex on the laptop and /media/usbdrive/annex on the server).

The directory doc suggests it is possible, but I don't know how. Shall I copy the relevant bit from the server .git/config, keeping the UUID and tweaking the mount point?

Thank you!