I'm trying to set up a ssh remote on Android using the latest 5.20140421. For some reason the assistant fails to set up passwordless login on the remote server. It adds the required line in .ssh/authorized_keys on the server side, but it still keeps asking for the password for every connection. Nothing suspicious appears in the assistant's log. Also, if I set up a ssh remote on a different directory on the same server, a new key is generated and added to authorized_keys, but the passwordless login still doesn't work.

I didn't file a bug since this would make for a very lousy bug report. How could I look more into what's causing this? Where should the generated keys reside on the Android filesystem?

I think it would be useful for the assistant to check that the generated ssh keys are working properly, and inform the user and/or try to set them up again if there is a problem, instead of silently falling back to asking for the login password on the console.