Dear all, I successfuly cloned my annex repo (hosted on on my windows box (win 7, 64bits), and my data is on an exFat partition.

git annex version is

git-annex version: 6.20160126-g2336107 build flags: Assistant Webapp Pairing Testsuite S3(multipartupload) WebDAV ConcurrentOutput TorrentParser Feeds Quvi key/value backends: SHA256E SHA256 SHA512E SHA512 SHA224E SHA224 SHA384E SHA384 SHA3_256E SHA3_256 SHA3_512E SHA3_512 SHA3_224E SHA3_224 SHA3_384E SHA3_384 SKEIN256E SKEIN256 SKEIN512E SKEIN512 SHA1E SHA1 MD5E MD5 WORM URL

remote types: git gcrypt S3 bup directory rsync web bittorrent webdav tahoe glacier ddar hook external

However, when I try to initialize annex on the newly cloned repo fails with the following error:

$ git annex init "repo_win" init repo_win Detected a filesystem without fifo support.

Disabling ssh connection caching.

Detected a crippled filesystem.

Enabling direct mode.

git-annex: .git\annex\objects\c89\57a\SHA256E-s1339658--e7cfebb4ac9c81a6a060506c537b55aed9f13bd02d861d2b341fb8a79ad6e046.png: openTempFile: does not exist (No such file or directory) failed git-annex: init: 1 failed

any hints about this? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Juan