I have no idea how to search for this here, so I'll just go the "lazy web" approach and just ask.

Say I have two "conference" repos. One is the famous conference procedings repo, and another one is a totally unrelated repo of local conferences that are not of world-wide significance. Let's call this second repo presentations.

I would like to have my videos of both repos in a single repo.

Can I add the conference procedings repo as a git remote to the presentations repo and have it do the right thing?

In fact, I'm not even sure what the right thing would be here, I guess that's the first thing I would like to clear up. But I would like to do things like what the new metadata system does. For example, I would have only the "Debian" directory from conference procedings in my presentations repo.

How would that work? Would I need to do some subtree merging magic? or git subtree? or submodules? or should i just use myrepos and pretend I never brought up this idea?

thanks! -- anarcat

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