Hello everyone, I would like to know if this is normal behavior or if it's a problem with my repository:

Whenever I set a view with

git annex view attr="*"'

a new branch representing the selected view gets created, as expected. The problem is that when I switch back to master ('git checkout master' or even 'git annex vpop') the view branch stays there, and all subsequent operations on the annex also consider the view branch, resulting a great slowdown if one has done many views (attr="this", attr="that", etc.). Is this normal? If so, why is it necessary for the branch to stay on? Does it speed up going back to the branch? Redoing git annex view attr="*" does not seem to take less time.

Am I doing it wrong? Should I be deleting used view branches on my own? How?

thanks for your replies.

EDIT: I just found out that even if I delete view branches with git branch -D "views/attr=_" (which I'm not sure I should be doing), the branches are still checked when doing "git annex unused". That is, "git annex unused" lists "checking..." a whole lot of past views/branches which are not even there anymore (not listed with "git branch"). I also suspect that this is preventing deleted (git-rm) files from being collected from "unused". Is this a problem with my repo? Any way to fix this?

=== git-annex version: 5.20140529-gb71f9bf ===