I have two regular git clones and 4 special remotes (cloud storage mostly).

My numcopies is set to 2 which means I always need to have at least two copies. One usually lives in one of my git clones which is a backup and so has everything. The other is somewhere in the cloud.

When I add a new file to my client clone and do git annex sync --content is this respecting the prefered content of each remote or is it only trying to satisfy the numcopy?

These are my settings for archive and smallarchive

groupwanted smallarchive = ((include=*/archive/* or include=archive/*) and not (copies=archive:2 or copies=smallarchive:2 or (copies=archive:1 and copies=smallarchive:1))) or approxlackingcopies=1

groupwanted archive = (not (copies=archive:2 or copies=smallarchive:2 or (copies=archive:1 and copies=smallarchive:1)) or approxlackingcopies=1

One of the remotes is set as archive and two as smallarchive yet sync --content only ever copies to one so as to satisfy numcopies. Is this expected? Shouldn't it always try to make two copies in archive or smallarchive?

Interestingly, it copies data to my backup also (which is an extarnal drive, so always present). So it seems the prefered content is only respected for clones and not special remotes. Is that true?

Do I have to run git annex copy --to <archive-remote> --auto to satisfy the content preferences?