git-annex rekey - change keys used for files


git annex rekey [file key ...]


This plumbing-level command is similar to migrate, but you specify both the file, and the new key to use for it.

Multiple pairs of file and key can be given in a single command line.

Note that, unlike git-annex migrate, this does not copy over metadata, urls, and other such information from the old to the new key


  • --force

    Allow rekeying of even files whose content is not currently available. Use with caution.

  • --batch

    Enables batch mode, in which lines are read from stdin. Each line should contain the file, and the new key to use for that file, separated by a single space.

  • -z

    Makes the --batch input be delimited by nulls instead of the usual newlines.

  • --json

    Enable JSON output. This is intended to be parsed by programs that use git-annex. Each line of output is a JSON object.

  • --json-error-messages

    Messages that would normally be output to standard error are included in the JSON instead.

  • Also the git-annex-common-options(1) can be used.





Joey Hess

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