git-annex updateproxy - update records with proxy configuration


git annex updateproxy


A git-annex repository can act as a proxy for its remotes. That allows annexed content to be stored and removed from the proxy's remotes, by repositories that do not have a direct connection to the remotes.

By default, no proxying is done. To configure the local repository to act as a proxy for its remote named "foo", run git config true`.

After setting or unsetting remote.<name>.annex-proxy git configurations, run git-annex updateproxy to record the proxy configuration in the git-annex branch. That tells other repositories about the proxy configuration.

Suppose, for example, that remote "work" has had this command run in it. Then after pulling from "work", git-annex will know about an additional remote, "work-foo". That remote will be accessed using "work" as a proxy.

Proxies can only be accessed via ssh.




Joey Hess

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