git-annex now does Windows!

  • First, install Git for Windows

    Important: Get the 32 bit version not the 64 bit version.
    If you installed the 64 bit version of git, then parts of git-annex will still run, however, some features, including tools like rsync, will not work.

  • Then, install git-annex

This port is now in reasonably good shape for command-line use of git-annex. The assistant and webapp are also usable. There are some known problems and parts that don't work. See windows support for current status.

To verify that the build of git-annex works in your Windows system, you are encouraged to run the test suite before using git-annex on real data. After installation, run git annex test. There will be a lot of output; the important thing is that it should end with "All tests passed".


An hourly autobuild is also available, thanks to Yury V. Zaytsev and Dartmouth College.

building it yourself

To build git-annex from source on Windows, you need to install Git for Windows, and Stack.

You also need to install rsync for windows. It needs to be linked with the same MINGW32 libraries that come with Git for Windows. One way is to download it from Put it somewhere in PATH.

Then open Git Bash, clone git-annex, and in git-annex's source tree, run "stack build --stack-yaml stack-windows.yaml" to download and build all dependencies and git-annex. "stack install --stack-yaml stack-windows.yaml" will install git-annex.

(To build the git-annex installer, you also need to install the NullSoft installer system. The script standalone/windows/ is used to make the builds linked to above.)