git-annex now does Windows!

This port is now in reasonably good shape for command-line use of git-annex. The assistant and webapp are also usable. There are some known problems and parts that don't work. See windows support for current status.


An autobuild is also available, thanks to the Datalad project.

download security

All the download links above use https for security. For added security, see verifying downloads.

building it yourself

To build git-annex from source on Windows, you need to install Git for Windows, and Stack.

Then open Git Bash, clone git-annex, and in git-annex's source tree, run "stack build" to download and build all dependencies and git-annex. "stack install" will install git-annex.

(To build the git-annex installer, you also need to install the NullSoft installer system, see Build/NullSoftInstaller.hs for details.)