git-annex 10.20230926 released with these changes

  • Fix more breakage caused by git's fix for CVE-2022-24765, this time involving a remote (either local or ssh) that is a repository not owned by the current user.
  • Fix using git remotes that are bare when git is configured with safe.bareRepository = explicit.
  • Fix linker optimisation in linux standalone tarballs.
  • adb: Avoid some problems with unusual characters in exporttree filenames that confuse adb shell commands.
  • push: When on an adjusted branch, propagate changes to parent branch before updating export remotes.
  • lookupkey: Added --ref option.
  • enableremote: Avoid overwriting existing git remote when passed the uuid of a specialremote that was earlier initialized with the same name.
  • Support being built with crypton rather than the no-longer maintained cryptonite.
  • Removed the vendored git-lfs and the GitLfs build flag.