Please describe the problem.

Recently, with 8.20201129+git100-g2d84bf992 version of git-annex and whatever states of datalad, we have celebrated a Windows Green Day -- our CI was totally green for Windows.

But then Windows started to fail again. Currently (8.20201129+git125-g7f72314bf) due to

2021-01-18T14:42:32.7075079Z     prop_relPathDirToFileAbs_basics:                      FAIL
2021-01-18T14:42:32.7078493Z       *** Failed! Falsified (after 54 tests):
2021-01-18T14:42:32.7082732Z       TestableFilePath {fromTestableFilePath = "/*LFy?\ETBoj(96"}
2021-01-18T14:42:32.7084569Z       Use --quickcheck-replay=725893 to reproduce.

full list of recent runs with logs etc: datalad/git-annex github actions. Note that git annex version reported is "off": just filed an issue

fixed --Joey