TODOs for DataLad

report PID (and may be failure details?) in "process done" debug messages [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Sep 23 13:03:33 2020 by yoh
annex merge --remotes [] [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Aug 5 21:35:33 2016 by yoh
provide windows build with MagicMime [projects/datalad] []
Posted Sat Jan 4 04:25:46 2020 by yoh
unlock --read-only [] [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 17 15:58:52 2016 by yoh
globus special remote as a "transport" layer [] []
Posted Fri Apr 5 02:25:10 2019 by yoh
Natively support s3:// urls (for addurl, get, etc) [] [projects/datalad] []
Posted Wed Sep 19 13:17:39 2018 by yoh
machine readable information about reason of failure in enableremote [] [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue May 22 17:26:10 2018 by yoh
provide machine readable (--json?) version of initremote --whatelse [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Feb 14 17:18:33 2020 by yoh
support ssh:// or sftp:// urls via "built-in" ssh support [] [projects/datalad] []
Posted Fri Jan 12 14:56:42 2018 by yoh
Provide a way to white list local networks (not just specific IPs) [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Feb 21 00:04:26 2020 by yoh


make git check-ignore less "cpu heavy" while addurl --batch --fast ? [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Sep 18 15:30:13 2020 by yoh
external remotes: Add support for ErrorMsg to -FAILURE messages lacking it [projects/datalad]
Posted Thu Sep 17 23:39:30 2020 by yoh
tolerate intermittent errors upon "export" (and probably copy) to S3 [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Sep 1 19:29:23 2020 by yoh
may be (again) to prelink or somehow avoid all the failing opens? [projects/datalad]
Posted Sat Jul 18 03:54:33 2020 by yoh
faster (took 2 min) way to realize the need in pidlock? [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Jun 5 02:18:29 2020 by yoh
export --json --json-progress --json-error-messages [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue May 26 04:14:55 2020 by yoh
add --json-progress to `git annex add` []
Posted Thu Apr 25 16:33:16 2019 by yoh
publicurl config for all special remotes [] [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Jan 25 03:08:38 2019 by yoh
some way to get a list of options for a special remote of a given type [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Jan 25 02:58:50 2019 by yoh
prevent directly printing to stderr error from an attempt to download remote /config file [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Sep 28 16:57:58 2018 by yoh
config setting to force --progress reporting for some git calls [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Sep 28 16:14:55 2018 by yoh
configuration option for default "mode" on crippled file systems [projects/datalad]
Posted Thu Sep 27 19:59:58 2018 by yoh
provide 'file' in --json-progress record for addurl [projects/datalad]
Posted Sat Aug 4 03:20:46 2018 by yoh
support ~/.netrc for http access authentication specs as was done when wget was used [projects/datalad]
Posted Sat Apr 28 01:20:40 2018 by yoh
include msg with possible reason why command (e.g. add) failed into --json output [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Feb 6 22:35:39 2018 by yoh
INFO message for custom special remotes [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Feb 5 15:53:04 2018 by yoh
'info filename' to provide information either content is locally present [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
--batch for add [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
--batch for find [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
--batch for info [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
add option to whereis to avoid network interactions [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
checkpresentkey without explicit remote [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
could standalone 'fixed' git-annex binaries be prelinked? [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
drop --batch [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
get --batch [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
interface to the "progress" of annex operations [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
make addurl respect annex.largefiles option [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
metadata --batch [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
parallel get [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
return "key" entry in --json output for addurl (and future add) --batch [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
git annex info <remote> does not list all the parameters for the remote [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Jul 21 16:37:00 2017 by yoh
annex add (-u|--update) mode [projects/datalad]
Posted Thu Mar 23 04:09:43 2017 by yoh
be able to specify custom commit message for git-annex branch commit [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Feb 6 15:32:42 2017 by yoh
unlock --json [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Oct 28 19:56:05 2016 by yoh
Allow for TRANSFER-SUCCESS to report also a URL where key could now be obtained from [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 24 10:58:03 2016 by yoh
sync --branches to sync only specified branches (e.g. git-annex) [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Aug 5 13:18:21 2016 by yoh
git annex info to include information about repo version? [projects/datalad]
Posted Thu Jun 9 21:10:43 2016 by yoh
make copy --fast faster [projects/datalad]
Posted Thu May 19 19:11:12 2016 by yoh
make annex info more efficient [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Feb 15 15:26:33 2016 by yoh

My bugs

awkward error from annex whenever operating on a clone with submodules [] [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Mar 29 13:27:36 2016 by yoh
annex.hardlink is not "in effect" in thin mode [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Aug 25 15:07:18 2020 by yoh
error: invalid object while setting metadata [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Jun 26 14:17:53 2020 by yoh
does not understand "yes" as boolean true value for autoenable [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Apr 6 21:35:30 2020 by yoh
cannot (or how?) to pass socket path with a space in its path via annex-ssh-options [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Mar 17 03:10:56 2017 by yoh
--json-error-messages could apply to file not found error [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Mar 1 14:34:32 2017 by yoh
Unable to addurl file:/// on Windows []
Posted Tue Dec 11 16:50:29 2018 by yoh
shared setting of git causes annex'ed files to be writeable! [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Oct 23 16:27:06 2019 by yoh
drop blows on lustre: SQLite3 returned ErrorIO [projects/datalad]
Posted Thu Jul 14 14:18:29 2016 by yoh
shouldn't keep permissions of the ssh remote? [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Feb 15 16:30:33 2016 by yoh


get is stuck unless a clone was previously explicitly "annex init"ed [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Aug 25 14:47:34 2020 by yoh
running tests on NFS HOME does not exit cleanly: gpgtmp [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Aug 25 03:12:13 2020 by yoh
testremote with external remote hangs after asyncexternal merge [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Aug 18 17:43:56 2020 by kyle
prop_isomorphic_key_encode fails with external backend changes [projects/datalad]
Posted Thu Jul 30 17:51:17 2020 by kyle
'Beyond symbolic' link error when link is upstream of repo [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Jul 27 19:37:08 2020 by kyle
standalone shim is segfaulting if IFS=$'\013' [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Jul 24 01:42:54 2020 by yoh
find --batch reports files that have no content [projects/datalad]
Posted Thu Jul 16 21:53:12 2020 by kyle
'git annex test' failures introduced by 75aab72d2 [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Jul 15 00:52:38 2020 by kyle
metadata --remove stalls as of 88a7fb5cb [projects/datalad]
Posted Sat Jul 11 01:12:29 2020 by kyle
SSH-based git-annex-init hang on older systems (Xenial, Jessie) [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Jul 10 20:57:46 2020 by kyle
Recent hang with rsync remote with older systems (Xenial, Jessie) [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Jul 7 15:26:37 2020 by kyle
annex-ssh-options dropped since 8.20200330 [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Jun 30 15:48:01 2020 by kyle
testremote breeds way too many instances of the externals remote [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Jun 19 20:41:15 2020 by yoh
upgrade (from v5) fails without stating any reason/hints [projects/datalad]
Posted Thu May 7 15:02:38 2020 by yoh
testremote failures starting with aeca7c220 [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Apr 28 19:51:49 2020 by kyle
commits created despite alwayscommit=false as of recent change [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Apr 14 22:43:32 2020 by kyle
Deleted files not considered with wanted="anything" [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Apr 6 16:51:42 2020 by kyle
tests fail (gpg-agent related?) when running build inside singularity container [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Mar 25 00:01:34 2020 by yoh
add --force-small fails on modified submodules [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Mar 23 20:42:59 2020 by kyle
Sync of adjusted branch does not propagate changed submodule commit [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Mar 18 02:18:01 2020 by kyle
Some calls to git repeat --config values [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Mar 11 15:25:51 2020 by kyle
git-annex no longer provides remote name with GETCONFIG name [projects/datalad]
Posted Sun Mar 8 08:00:58 2020 by mih
Guard against previously annexed dotfiles being converted to git files? [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Mar 6 22:05:42 2020 by kyle
drop on NFS (no pidlock need detected) leaves annex/objects/XX/YY/KEY dir behind [projects/datalad]
Posted Thu Feb 27 15:36:08 2020 by yoh
--debug is not in effect if precedes -c [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Feb 26 19:59:47 2020 by yoh
enableremote stuck with a recentish git-annex [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Feb 26 16:20:43 2020 by yoh
'init --version=N' can land on unsupported N+1 [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Feb 21 21:21:58 2020 by kyle
build of 7.20191230+git152-gefb981388 fails the prop_read_write_transferinfo test [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Jan 24 14:45:31 2020 by yoh
be robust to additions of more specific mime types to libmagic (e.g. application/json) [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Dec 20 19:50:22 2019 by yoh
A case where file tracked by git unexpectedly becomes annex pointer file [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Dec 13 19:08:08 2019 by kyle
error message in addurl is not channeled into json record with --json-error-messages [projects/datalad]
Posted Thu Oct 31 12:55:01 2019 by yoh
git-lfs remote URL is not recorded? []
Posted Wed Oct 9 17:44:12 2019 by yoh
double rsync run and test failure []
Posted Tue Aug 13 15:53:35 2019 by yoh
Regression in `find --json` output []
Posted Wed Jul 3 19:50:48 2019 by kyle
initial get -J on exported S3 bucket fails []
Posted Thu Oct 11 23:40:55 2018 by yoh
unclear why annex fails to get a file from a public S3 bucket where it exported before [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Sep 25 15:33:57 2018 by yoh
annex get -J 16 via ssh stalls [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Sep 25 13:48:37 2018 by yoh
impossible to login to the website at times [] [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Sep 25 13:37:31 2018 by yoh
standalone build is slightly out of date [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Sep 25 13:31:02 2018 by yoh
get over ssh fails with fd:19: hClose: resource vanished [projects/datalad]
Posted Sat Sep 22 03:30:51 2018 by yoh
some transfers for get -J4 fail over ssh/rsync and require retry [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Sep 18 14:48:35 2018 by yoh
whereis shouldn't just crash if one of the special remotes "drivers" is not available [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Sep 12 14:02:45 2018 by yoh
unable to get from public S3 remote without clear reasoning why [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Sep 11 17:07:14 2018 by yoh
v6 - under subdir: git add "whines", git commit "blows" [projects/datalad]
Posted Thu Sep 6 23:43:10 2018 by yoh
regression - fails to drop . Exit code 11 wo --debug, and 1 with --debug [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue May 8 01:56:01 2018 by yoh
get from the web remote fails (redirect?) - lack of further debug info [projects/datalad]
Posted Sun May 6 15:44:53 2018 by yoh
annex view barfs fatal: Unable to add (null) to database [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri May 4 03:08:49 2018 by yoh
silently skipping files that are not in git or not annexed is sometimes surprising to some [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Mar 27 15:34:00 2018 by yoh
get -JX: transfer already in progress ... for some files [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Mar 9 15:30:22 2018 by yoh
annex sync (in direct mode only) does not actually update local branch/tree [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Feb 23 19:19:55 2018 by yoh
impossible to perform "read-only" git annex info without write permissions [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Feb 20 00:02:10 2018 by yoh
get -J from ssh remote tries to lock in home directory? [projects/datalad]
Posted Sat Feb 10 02:46:43 2018 by yoh
regression - yt: prefix for "regular" urls [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Dec 6 00:46:30 2017 by yoh
graft/graft cleanup commits -- really needed? [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Oct 25 01:49:21 2017 by yoh
OSX: addurl --batch --json spits out shortened output string dies off with 4 [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
adds file destined for annex into git in 'addurl' [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
addurl --batch --with-files doesn't add file into git until pipe is closed [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
addurl --batch decides to talk to ssh remotes for some reason [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
addurl --file causes file redownload even if it already present [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
annex add ignores .-prefixed directories [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
annex drop fails to determine availability on a http url redirecting to ftp [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
cannot "install" standalone git annex within afs mount [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
does not complain/fail if by mistake option value passed within arg for -c [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
dropkey --batch --json --force is always succesfull [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
duplicate progress reports in parallel 'get' [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
git annex adjust --unlock seems to cause migration of a file to another backend [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
info --json lists backend usage stats as a list of lists [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
lookupkey started to spit out "debug" messages to stdout [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
man page for command misses actual command in the synopsis for git-annex-checkpresentkey [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
new whereis --json lost information about web urls if other special remotes provide them [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
prematurely (can't check offline) marks remote as annex-ignore [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
remote repository must be version 6 as well to have copied files appear correctly [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
reports success when addurl --batch a file which is .gitignore'd [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
standalone builds shouldn't pollute ~/.ssh with helpers merely upon annex init [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
strips _ from extensions in E backends? [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
thread blocked indefinitely in an STM transaction while moving within a local clone [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
treatment of largefiles is not working for addurl --fast (or --relaxed) [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
use of annex in submodule replaces .git with incorrect symlink [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
using regular magic file warning pollutes stderr [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Oct 2 15:59:40 2017 by yoh
set metadata leaks from one (staged) key to another during rename of file [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Sep 26 18:03:44 2017 by yoh
fsck does not detect/fix some key directories correctly [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Sep 13 14:25:12 2017 by yoh
get -J "fails" to get files with the same key [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Aug 30 14:15:43 2017 by yoh
2 ssh connection prompts for password [projects/datalad]
Posted Sat Aug 12 04:06:17 2017 by yoh
get --json fails whenever plain get works (with https urls) [projects/datalad]
Posted Sun Jul 30 13:39:32 2017 by yoh
fails to verify presence via http while wget fetches it just fine [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Jul 26 19:10:10 2017 by yoh
could webdav be more resilient to timeouts?
Posted Thu Jul 13 16:39:55 2017 by yoh
parallel get can fail some downloads and require re-getting [projects/datalad]
Posted Thu May 25 14:35:43 2017 by yoh
annex doesn't fixup symlinks when "git commit path_to_repo" is used [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Mar 22 18:59:47 2017 by yoh
get -J cannot be used with password-based authentication [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Mar 15 23:55:00 2017 by yoh
mysterious dependency of git annex status output of the added file [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Feb 17 15:30:27 2017 by yoh
could standalone copy of git ship/deploy hooks samples as well as stock git? [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Feb 10 02:33:48 2017 by yoh
git annex info fails on NFS: waitToSetLock: resource exhausted (No locks available) [projects/datalad]
Posted Mon Feb 6 19:25:44 2017 by yoh
annex ignores pushurl and uses only url upon "copy --to"
Posted Fri Feb 3 15:10:38 2017 by yoh
clash of -j in copy for --json --json-progress [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Jan 20 15:05:18 2017 by yoh
autoenable not done for implicit init [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Sep 9 18:44:57 2016 by yoh
encfs support -- shouldn't it be treated as crippled already? [projects/datalad]
Posted Wed Apr 27 15:56:17 2016 by yoh
git-annex: content is locked while trying to move under NFS and pidlock [projects/datalad]
Posted Sat Mar 12 16:58:09 2016 by yoh
R/O permissions are stalking me somehow [projects/datalad]
Posted Thu Mar 10 15:16:31 2016 by yoh
some tests fail while running under NFS [projects/datalad]
Posted Tue Mar 8 21:01:05 2016 by yoh
git-annex confuses Git with nested submodules
Posted Mon Feb 29 19:18:30 2016 by mih
autostart/git-annex.desktop gets resurrected [projects/datalad]
Posted Fri Nov 20 14:06:19 2015 by yoh