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spotted that in my script I have "incorrectly" passed both -c and its value within the same single argument ('-c annex....'). But surprisingly annex neither treated it correctly, nor complained that something was incorrectly passed in. Shouldn't it fail if option is not '-c' but '-c smthelse' or correctly treat the value in such as case?

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?


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$> ls -ld svgtune-0.2.0/README.rst
-rw------- 1 yoh yoh 9 Nov 12 12:03 svgtune-0.2.0/README.rst

$> git-annex add --debug '-c annex.largefiles=exclude=*.rst' svgtune-0.2.0/README.rst 
add svgtune-0.2.0/README.rst ok
(recording state in git...)

$> ls -ld svgtune-0.2.0/README.rst                                                   
lrwxrwxrwx 1 yoh yoh 189 Nov 12 12:03 svgtune-0.2.0/README.rst -> ../.git/annex/objects/32/vx/SHA256E-s9--246c960678ee9a80aa6d2eff2f1df1debd590cb73aa5fed6cb4b13b8018599f5.rst/SHA256E-s9--246c960678ee9a80aa6d2eff2f1df1debd590cb73aa5fed6cb4b13b8018599f5.rst

I guess it could be considered done --yoh