Please describe the problem.

Currently if I using standalone annex builds mere 'annex init' immediately rushes to generate .ssh/git-annex-{shell,wrapper} helpers. I would really prefer to keep ~/.ssh untouched by any magic from the tools which presumably unrelated to ssh. Moreover it leads to failures such as

/usr/lib/git-annex.linux/runshell: 67: /usr/lib/git-annex.linux/runshell: cannot create /.ssh/git-annex-wrapper: Directory nonexistent

happen if HOME was overridden (e.g. for testing etc) and I have no intent to use annex as an assistant etc.

Originally described in as a solution to overcome problems with assistant's server operation from standalone builds. Why those couldn't be installed alongside with git-annex wrapper? (actually there is also git-annex-shell at least in the Debian standalone packages)

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?


Since packaged version suggestively (I think I did check) resolved the issue, marking it as done