Please describe the problem.

As described elsewhere but since that one is closed -- making a dedicated one

unfortunately addurl doesn't care about large files if --fast (or --relaxed, although that one I guess I can understand ):

$ chmod a+w -R /tmp/123; rm -rf /tmp/123; mkdir /tmp/123; cd /tmp/123; git init; git annex init;
Initialized empty Git repository in /tmp/123/.git/
init  ok
(recording state in git...)

$ git -c annex.largefiles=exclude=*.txt annex addurl --file=test.txt --fast \"\"
addurl test.txt ok
(recording state in git...)

$ ls -l test.txt
lrwxrwxrwx 1 yoh yoh 132 Jan 13 18:44 test.txt -> .git/annex/objects/KW/kj/URL-s25319--http&

it does consider largefiles for if addurl without --fast, or --relaxed

done; this can't really be done, but I added git annex matchexpression to allow scripting that checks expressions such as annex.largefiles. --Joey