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OpenNeuro is a free and open platform for sharing BIDS-compliant neuroimaging (MRI, PET, MEG, EEG, and iEEG) data. Git-annex is the core tool for data logistics at OpenNeuro, e.g. for exporting the content to AWS S3 into open S3 bucket, and providing all datasets as DataLad datasets (git/git-annex repositories with a unique DataLad ID) from the organization.


git-annex proxies [projects/openneuro]
Posted Wed May 1 15:08:24 2024
track free space in repos via git-annex branch [projects/openneuro]
Posted Tue Mar 5 19:06:51 2024
proving preferred content behavior [projects/openneuro]
Posted Wed Mar 13 15:04:07 2024



annex merge mustn't merge into non-git-annex branc [projects/openneuro]
Posted Fri May 31 13:49:16 2024 by yoh
multiple records in remote.log for the same remote [projects/openneuro]
Posted Thu May 16 22:17:47 2024 by yoh


annex merge breaks git repository! [projects/openneuro]
Posted Fri May 31 14:38:57 2024 by yoh