This special remote stores files on an Android device.

The adb program is used to access the Android device, which allows connecting to it in various ways like a USB cable or wifi.


To add a remote for the /sdcard/DCIM directory on the Android device, allowing to import and export photos:

git annex initremote android type=adb androiddirectory=/sdcard/DCIM encryption=none exporttree=yes importtree=yes
git annex export master --to android


A number of parameters can be passed to git annex initremote to configure the adb remote.

  • androiddirectory - Set to the location on the Android device where files for the special remote are stored.

  • androidserial - Normally this is not needed, but if multiple Android devices are accessible, you'll be prompted to use it to specify which one to use.

  • exporttree - Set to "yes" to make this special remote usable by git-annex-export. It will not be usable as a general-purpose special remote. Since this makes the exported files easily browsable on the Android device, you will almost always want to enable this.

  • importtree - Set to "yes" to make this special remote usable by git-annex-import. When set in combination with exporttree, this lets files be imported from it, and changes exported back to it.

  • encryption - One of "none", "hybrid", "shared", or "pubkey". See encryption.

  • keyid - Specifies the gpg key to use for encryption.

  • chunk - Enables chunking when storing large files.