The following steps are tested on Windows 10 21h1 and are designed to avoid these two bugs:


  • Enable Developer mode in Windows settings so that symlinks can be created without elevated privileges.
  • Mount the NTFS drive with metadata option. /etc/wsl.conf can be used or a line such as C: /mnt/c drvfs metadata can be added in /etc/fstab.
  • Create an empty directory for the repo.
    • With File Explorer go to Properties/Security/Advanced.
    • Enable case sensitivity with setfattr -n system.wsl_case_sensitive -v 1 <path>.
      • This attribute will be inherited by new subdirectories but will not be automatically recursively applied to existing subdirectories.
      • Set this attribute to 0 as appropriate if you do not have files that differ only by case, or if you have non-default git-annex tuning.
      • This attribute can be queried with getfattr -n system.wsl_case_sensitive <path>.
  • Initialize the repo.
    • Set git config annex.crippledfilesystem true immediately after git annex init to avoid triggering the above two bugs.
  • Open Properties/Security/Advanced for .git/annex/objects.
    • Deny "Authenticated Users" write permissions for files only and select "Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object".

Setup with repo cloned from SSH

  • If you encounter problems with older versions of git-annex.
    • Create a local git-annex branch from the remote branch.
    • Remove the origin remote.
    • Do git annex init and other setup.
    • Add back the origin remote.

Using symlinks and locked files

  • Symlinks might be broken and can be fixed by recreating them. You can also delete them and do a git checkout.