I have a music file which makes my music player unhappy. unfortunately, it (the music player) only shows me the target of the symlink, the "key" of the file, e.g. SHA256E-s16279847--ce02487cd9f78f5944cbc1acb6622d270f7c16172d0fa12ae1330a4d9c3144a0.mp3. There's a way to find which remotes have that key:

$ git annex whereis --key=SHA256E-s16279847--ce02487cd9f78f5944cbc1acb6622d270f7c16172d0fa12ae1330a4d9c3144a0.mp3
whereis SHA256E-s16279847--ce02487cd9f78f5944cbc1acb6622d270f7c16172d0fa12ae1330a4d9c3144a0.mp3 (7 copies) 
    059b8bdb-2716-4ac9-b06e-9b1176af361d -- anarcat@curie:~/mp3 [here]

But that doesn't show me which file(s) actually point to it. git-annex-list and git-annex-find don't have the --key parameter and git-annex-matching-options doesn't have it either, so it makes it difficult to find which file points to that key.

The only way I found to do this was to use the find command, like this:

find -lname '*SHA256E-s16279847--ce02487cd9f78f5944cbc1acb6622d270f7c16172d0fa12ae1330a4d9c3144a0.mp3'

You can also use:

git log --stat -1 -SKEY

to find the commits (and therefore the files) that link to the given key. That said, git-annex does not have any knowledge that would let it do better than either of these commands, at least not reliably. -- anarcat