Hook program for gitannex to use flickr as backend



Credit for the flickr api interface goes to: Credit for the png library goes to: Credit for the png tEXt patch goes to:


Clone the git repository in your home folder.

git clone git:// 

This should make a ~/flickrannex folder


Make the file executable, and link it into PATH

cd ~/flickrannex; chmod +x git-annex-remote-flickr; sudo ln -sf `pwd`/git-annex-remote-flickr /usr/local/bin/git-annex-remote-flickr

Commands for gitannex:

USERNAME="" git annex initremote flickr type=external externaltype=flickr encryption=shared folder=gitannex

An oauth authentication link should now be launched in the default browser. The hook will wait for 30s for you to login and authenticate.

git annex describe dropbox "the flickr library"


Unencrypted mode

The photo name on flickr is currently the GPGHMACSHA1 version.

Encrypted mode

The current version base64 encodes all the data, which results in ~35% larger filesize.

Including directories as tags

This feature is currently disabled, if it gets implemented again it will most likely not require user action to enable it.

In this case the image: /home/me/annex-photos/holidays/2013/Greenland/img001.jpg would get the following tags: "holidays" "2013" "Greenland" (assuming "/home/me/annex-photos" is the top level in the annex...)

Caveat Emptor - Tags will always be NULL for indirect repos - we don't (easily) know the human-readable file name.