You have a git-annex repository, and you want to publish the files in it to the public. One way is to setup a public repository on a web site, but perhaps you don't have a web server that can run git-annex, and you just want to publish the current files, not the whole git-annex repository.

The git-annex export command is the solution. It lets a tree of files from your git-annex repository be published to Amazon S3, as well as other types of special remotes like webdav and directory.

Publishing to Amazon S3

Let's create a bucket in Amazon S3 named $BUCKET and a special remote named public-s3. Exporting has to be enabled when setting up a special remote for the first time.

Set up your special S3 remote with (at least) these options:

git annex initremote public-s3 type=S3 encryption=none bucket=$BUCKET exporttree=yes public=yes

Be sure to replace $BUCKET with something like "public-bucket-joey" when you follow along in your shell.

Want to only export files in a subdirectory of the master branch? Use master:subdir.

Any git treeish can be used with the export command, so you can also export tags, etc.

Then export the files in the master branch to the remote:

git annex export master --to public-s3

Each exported file will be available to the public at http://$$FILE

Note: Bear in mind that Amazon will charge the owner of the bucket for public downloads from that bucket.

Using git-annex sync --content

So far, the current contents of the master branch have been exported to public-s3, and to update the export when the branch changes, you have to remember to run git annex export again.

If you use a git annex sync workflow, it's useful to configure it to also export changes to the remote. This is done by setting the remote's annex-tracking-branch configuration:

git config remote.public-s3.annex-tracking-branch master

That tells git-annex that the export should track changes to master. When you run git annex sync --content, it will update all tracking exports. The git-annex assistant also automatically updates tracking exports.

Want to only export files in a subdirectory of the master branch?

git config remote.public-s3.annex-tracking-branch master:subdir

Amazon S3 indexes

By default, there is no index.html file exported, so if you open http://$ in a web browser, you'll see an XML document listing the files.

For a nicer list of files, you can make an index.html file, check it into git, and export it to the bucket. You'll need to configure the bucket to use index.html as its index document, as explained here.

Old method

To use git annex export, you need git-annex version 6.20170909 or newer. Before we had git annex export an old method was used instead.