Gource is an amazing animated visualisation of a git repository.

Normally, gource shows files being added, removed, and changed in the repository, and the user(s) making the changes. Of course it can be used in this way in a repository using git-annex too; just run gource.

The other way to use gource with git-annex is to visualise the movement of annexed file contents between repositories. In this view, the "users" are repositories, and they move around the file contents that are being added or removed from them with git-annex.

To use gource this way, first go into the directory you want to visualize, and use git annex log to make an input file for gource:

git annex log --gource | tee gource.log
sort gource.log | gource --log-format custom -

The git annex log can take a while, to speed it up you can use something like --after "4 months ago" to limit how far back it goes.