Hey joey,

👀 Views are really cool, thanks again for this great idea. It makes managing the metadata of annexed files really fun as you can just drag files around and create, rename or delete folders.

What would make it perfect is if there was a possibility to optionally add unmatched files to a view, e.g. into a specially-named folder (like unmatched, ___unmatched___ or ????? or even configurable). Otherwise, unmatched files are not accessible from the view, so they can't be sorted into metadata from there.

Currently this is possible by default-setting the field you want to view with git annex metadata --force --set 'myfield?=???'. Then, these objects will appear in the ??? folder with git annex view myfield='*'. But that forcefully adds a value to the field, which might not be desired.

What do you think? Is something like git annex view --show-unmatched '???' worth it?

Thanks again for git-annex, I love it, it's so versatile... 💛


fixed --Joey