Hi there,

I'm a relatively new to git-annex and quite impressed so far.

I've found the command to be somewhat less self-documenting than I'd like it to be for a new user. Particularly, since it's a git subcommand, I'd wish for annex to 'mirror' as many subcommands as possible with annex-enabled equivalents. My chief complaint at the moment is that it is a bit hard to remember the specific commands for showing remotes (git annex info has no equivalent git info) and git annex remote should ideally return a list of remotes for parallelism.

Similarly, it'd be nice if some of the commands were a bit nested to match git semantics. This would increase discoverability: For instance, git annex enableremote -> git annex remote enable or git annex renameremote -> git annex remote rename. Then subcommands for dealing with remotes could be more easily summarized on a single page in the git-annex-remote section.

It's worth noting that such changes could happen alongside the current commands without a loss of functionality. Git core has recently gone through a similar process to simplify the semantics of some of its commands. I'd ask for such changes to be considered.