git-annex-import by default deletes the original files. Keeping them by default would be better. "import" in many other tools (e.g. the bioinformatics tool Geneious) means a non-destructive import. The short description of git-annex-import on its man page says it "adds" files to the repo, which does not suggest erasure. When I first used git-annex-import, I was surprised by the default behavior, and others may be too. Also, the command has now been "overloaded" for importing from a special remote, and in that mode the originals are not erased; giving the import-from-dir mode the same default would be more consistent. In general, erasing data by default seems dangerous: what if it was being imported into a temporary or untrusted repo?

Changing the default would also let one repeatedly re-import a directory while keeping original files in place.

I realize this would be a breaking change for some workflows; warning of it like git does would mitigate the breakage.