Say I have two unrelated videos repositories. Say that, by some mistake of history, one was added as the git remote of the other. I somehow managed to clean the git history and disentangle the files between the two repos.

Now git-annex still thinks about that other repository. I can mark it as dead, but it will still have location tracking information for all the files of the other repository.

I know about git-annex-forget: I'm not sure it's what I want. I do not want to "[throw] away historical data about past locations of files", I would actually want to keep historical location data for relevant files. I want to forget a repository ever existed.

Is that possible?

Marking it with git-annex-dead doesn't cut it, from what I understand. In what to do when you lose a repository, joeyh seemed to say "dead is the best we can do", as "the automatic merging used on the git-annex branch tends to re-add lines that are deleted in one repo when merging with another that still has them." But now we have something like forget, could that be coerced into forgetting just a subset of stuff?

Thanks! -- anarcat