It would be useful if there was a way to make git-annex stop transferring after the current files finish being transferred. Sometimes I am moving files to a remote, and I might not pick the same remote to move them to next time, so interrupting a transfer unfinished can result in wasted work and space used temporarily storing partially transferred files.

This should not be ctrl-c, because it could take a very long time for the current transfer to finish. Maybe SIGUSR1 or something like that? --Joey

An alternative approach, which avoids the complexity of needing to send a signal, would be for git-annex to remember what transfers got interrupted, and provide a simple command to resume them. --Joey

That could not be something like the (existing) git-annex get --incomplete, because for that you have to remember you were running a get and run effectively the same command again.

For an interrupted git-annex move --to foo, it would not do to need to remember what remote a file was being sent to. The goal would be something like git-annex resume that remembers for you.

For this, the transfer logs would need to be extended with the operation and remote.