git-annex sync over tor

Mostly working!

Current todo list:

  • When a transfer can't be done because another transfer of the same object is already in progress, the message about this is output by the remotedaemon --debug, but not forwarded to the peer, which shows "Connection reset by peer"
  • Think about locking some more. What happens if the connection to the peer is dropped while we think we're locking content there from being dropped?


  • Windows and Android support.
  • Limiting authtokens to read-only access.
  • Revoking authtokens. (This and read-only need a name associated with an authtoken, so the user can adjust its configuration after creating it.)
  • friend-of-a-friend peer discovery to build more interconnected networks of nodes
  • Discovery of nodes on same LAN, and direct connection to them.
  • Make git annex map show a peer's remotes?
    Would it be surprising if peers can learn this information?

While the above "eventually" todo list is not implemented, the main todo has been implemented for a long time. I think if users need such things, they should be in separate todos. So, done --Joey