Repo that contains the latest/current version of a file is not accessible. Can git annex whereis find the last available version of a file in other repos (or a specific repo)?

I can looping through commit log and running whereis for each commit until an earlier version of a file is found, but perhaps there is a better way to do it with a single command?

Not currently, but I think it would be a useful command to have available without scripting.

So the use case seems to be that the most recent version of a file is not accessible currently, but you want to access some version of the file, and will settle for an older version.

One interface could be:

git-annex findversion thefile --in=foo

Which would look at past versions of thefile that are present in remote foo, and output something like "master@{10}", or just a bare git commit sha. Which you can git checkout and then git-annex get thefile --from=foo will work to access the content.

One problem with this interface is it would need to be limited to a single file, because there may be no commit that has the latest versions of several files that are all in the specified remote. --Joey