git annex find currently makes for a great way to find which files are already local, and don't need to get git annex get gotten; obviously ls just shows me all the files in a given directory, disregarding git-annex (and without recursing to subdirectories). I think that adding a '--maxdepth' option to git annex find would make it much easier to use at directories high up in the directory structure, since currently git annex find recurses all subdirectories necessarily, when I really just want to see whether or not there are git-annex files present from a given directory.

Obviously, since directories themselves are not git-annex objects, there is no way to say whether or not they are "present", but perhaps the most intuitive would be to say whether or not any git-annex files under a given directory are present.

For example, if I have:
+-- subdir0/
| +-- file0 (present in local git-annex repo)
| +-- file1 (present in local git-annex repo)
+-- subdir1/
| +-- file0 (not present in local git-annex repo)
| +-- file1 (not present in local git-annex repo)
+-- file2 (present in local git-annex repo)

and I type git annex find --maxdepth 1 ., the output might look something like:

rather than: