Talks and screencasts about git-annex.

These videos are also available in a public git-annex repository git clone

A 10 minute screencast showing how to get started using the git-annex assistant, including sharing files on a local network, and installation on a server.

Posted Wed Jun 4 16:49:34 2014

A quick screencast demoing an experimental new feature, metadata driven views.



Posted Thu Feb 20 17:23:07 2014
git-annex assistant archiving
Posted Thu Mar 14 20:45:54 2013
git-annex assistant introduction
Posted Mon Mar 11 22:37:42 2013
git-annex weppapp demo
Posted Sun Jul 29 18:41:41 2012
git-annex assistant sync demo
Posted Thu Jul 5 22:36:06 2012
git-annex watch demo
Posted Mon Jun 11 20:02:14 2012