Last night, revamped the web site, including making a videos page, which includes a new screencast introducing the git-annex assistant.

Worked on improving my Haskell development environment in vim. hdevtools is an excellent but tricky thing to get working. Where before it took around 30 seconds per compile for me to see type errors, I now see them in under a second each time I save, and can also look up types of any expression in the file. Since programming in Haskell is mostly driven by reacting to type errors ;) this should speed me up a lot, although it's not perfect. Unfortunatly, I got really caught up in tuning my setup, and only finished doing that at 5:48 am.

Disasterously late this morning, fixed the assistant's ~/.ssh/git-annex-shell wrapper so it will work when the ssh key does not force a command to be run. Also made the webapp behave better when it's told to create a git repository that already exists.

After entirely too little sleep, I found a puzzling bug where copying files to a local repo fails once the inode cache has been invalidated. This turned out to involve running a check in the state monad of the wrong repository. A failure mode I'd never encountered before.

Only thing I had brains left to do today was to record another screencast, which is rendering now...