git-annex is in a mode of continual user-driven improvement, involving numerous small issues and often easily implemented ideas.

Here are some larger/ongoing plans for git-annex, in no particular order.

Speed improvements, including:

Improvements to tree export support, including supporting export to more external special remotes, exporting only preferred content, more efficient renames, and improving support for exporting non-annexed files.

Complimenting tree export, support importing trees from special remotes so eg a S3 bucket of data can be pulled into a git-annex repository easily, and the repository updated when the bucket is changed.

Improve support for branches where annexed files without content locally present are hidden (adjust --hide-missing). Including interface for operating on hidden files to get them, speeding up generation of the branch, and updating it more frequently. Also unify adjusted branches and view branches.

Improve Windows support. Long filenames may be possible on Windows now thanks to fixes in recent versions of ghc. Further improve using git-annex in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Get Windows fully supported with no caveats. Possibly even supporting indirect mode with symlinks.

Add more special remotes, and/or ship a collection of existing external special remotes as part of git-annex. Improve existing special remotes, eg adding support for Glacier lifecycles to S3.

Deltas to improve transfer of modified versions of files.