Started by tracking down a strange bug that was apparently ubuntu-specific and caused git-annex branch changes to get committed to master. Root cause turned out to failing to recover from an exception. I'm kicking myself about that, because I remember looking at the code where the bug was at least twice before and thinking "hmm, should add exception handling here? nah..". Exceptions are horrible.

Made a release with a fix for that and a few minor other accumulated changes since last Friday's release. The pain point of this release is to fix building without the webapp (so it will propigate to Debian testing, etc). This release does not include the direct mode guard, so I'll have a few weeks until the next release to get that tested.

Fixed the test suite in directguard. This branch is now nearly ready to merge to master, but one command that is badly needed in guarded direct mode is "git status". So I am planning to rename "git annex status" to "git annex info", and make "git annex status" display something similar to "git status".

Also took half an hour and added optional ?EKG support to git-annex. This is a Haskell library that can add a terrific monitoring console web UI to any program in 2 lines of code. Here we can see the git-annex webapp using resources at startup, followed in a few seconds by the assistant's startup scan of the repository.


BTW, Kevin tells me that the machine used to build git-annex for OSX is going to be upgraded to 10.9 soon. So, hopefully I'll be making autobuilds of that. I may have to stop the 10.8.2 autobuilds though.

Today's work was sponsored by Protonet.