Windows webapp now starts, opens a web browser, and ... crashes.

This is a bug in warp or a deep level of the stack. I know that yesod apps have run on Windows before, so apparently something has changed and introduced this problem.

Also have a problem with the autobuilder; the EvilSplicer or something it runs is locking up on that system for reasons not yet determined.

Looks like I will need to wait a bit longer for the windows webapp, but I could keep working on porting the assistant in the meantime.

The most important thing that I need to port is how to check if a file is being written to at the same time the assistant adds it to the repository. No real lsof equivilant on Windows. I might be able to do something with exclusive locking to detect if there's a writer (but this would also block using the file while it was being added). Or I may be able to avoid the need for this check, at least in direct mode.