Worked to get git-remote-gcrypt included in every git-annex autobuild bundle. (Except Windows; running a shell script there may need some work later..)

Next I want to work on making the assistant easily able to create encrypted git repositories on removable drives. Which will involve a UI to select which gpg key to use, or creating (and backing up!) a gpg key.

But, I got distracted chasing down some bugs on Windows. These were quite ugly; more direct mode mapping breakage which resulted in files not being accessible. Also fsck on Windows failed to detect and fix the problem. All fixed now. (If you use git-annex on Windows, you should certainly upgrade and run git annex fsck.)

As with most bugs in the Windows port, the underlying cause turned out to be stupid: isSymlink always returned False on Windows. Which makes sense from the perspective of Windows not quite having anything entirely like symlinks. But failed when that was being used to detect when files in the git tree being merged into the repository had the symlink bit set..

Did bug triage. Backlog down to 32 (mostly messages from August).