The main git repository for git-annex is git://

(You can push changes to this wiki from that anonymous git checkout.)

Other mirrors of the git repository:

  • git:// [gitweb]

Releases of git-annex are uploaded to hackage. Note that the tarball there is not the complete git-annex source tree, but only a subset to make cabal install work. Use git to checkout the full source tree.

Some operating systems include git-annex in easily prepackaged form and others need some manual work. See install for details.

git branches

The git repository has some branches:

  • ghc7.0 is a by now very out of date branch that can be built with ghc 7.0.
  • debian-*-backport contains the latest backport of git-annex.
  • tweak-fetch adds support for the git tweak-fetch hook, which has been proposed and implemented but not yet accepted into git.
  • setup contains configuration for this website

Developing git-annex? Patches are very welcome. You should read coding style.