Now git-annex can be used on Android!

Documentation for using git-annex on Android


This just in: git-annex can be used in Termux, instead of using the Android app below. Give git-annex in Termux a try

(Old) Android app

This app is being deprecated in favor of Termux. It doesn't work with newer versions of Android.

To install it, first, ensure your Android device is configured to allow installation of the app. Go to Setup -> Security, and enable "Unknown Sources".

Then download the git-annex.apk for your version of Android, and open it to install.


A daily build is also available, thanks to Mesar Hameed and the University of Bath CS department.

building it yourself

git-annex can be built from source for Android.

  1. Run standalone/android/buildchroot as root (requires debootstrap). This builds a chroot with a builder user. The rest of the build will run in this chroot as that user.
  2. In the chroot, run standalone/android/install-haskell-packages
  3. Finally, once the chroot is set up, you can build an Android binary with make android, and make androidapp will build the complete APK.