git-annex is now available for Android. This includes the git-annex assistant, for easy syncing between your Android and other devices. You do not need to root your Android to use git-annex.

Android installation instructions

When you run the git-annex Android app, two windows will open. The first is a terminal window, and the second is a web browser showing the git-annex webapp.

two windows

closing and reopening the webapp

The webapp does not need to be left open after you've set up your repository. As long as the terminal window is left open, git-annex will remain running and sync your files. To re-open the webapp after closing it, use the New Window icon in the terminal window.

starting git-annex

The app is not currently automatically started on boot, so you will need to manually open it to keep your files in sync. You do not need to leave the app running all the time, though. It will sync back up automatically when started.

stopping git-annex

Simply close the terminal window to stop git-annex from running.

using the command line

Android terminal

If you prefer to use git-annex at the command line, you can do so using the terminal. A fairly full set of tools is provided, including git, ssh, rsync, and gpg.

To prevent the webapp from being automatically started when a terminal window opens, go into the terminal preferences, to "Initial Command", and clear out the default git annex webapp setting.

Or, if you'd like to run the assistant automatically, but not open the webapp, change the "Initial Command" to: git annex assistant --autostart

using from adb shell

To set up the git-annex environment from within adb shell, run: /data/data/ga.androidterm/runshell

This will launch a shell that has git-annex, git, etc in PATH.