What excites me about GIT ANNEX is how it fundamentally tracks the backup and availability of any data you own, and allows you to share data with a large or small audience, ensuring that the data survives.

-- Jason Scott http://ascii.textfiles.com/archives/3625

Seen on IRC:

oh my god, git-annex is amazing
this is the revolution in fucking with gigantic piles of files that I've been waiting for

And then my own story: I have a ton of drives. I have a lot of servers. I live in a cabin on dialup and often have 1 hour on broadband in a week to get everything I need. Without git-annex, managing all this would not be possible. It works perfectly for me, not a surprise since I wrote it, but still, it's a different level of "perfect" than anything I could put together before. --Joey

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I am in the process of building a distributed digital repository using Git and git-annex as a foundation. Our project is to collect and preserve archival-quality audio and video from multiple bandwidth-challenged remote sites. We're using git-annex to help us sneakernet the metadata and binaries around and to maintain multiple copies in geographically separate locations. Git very neatly addresses the problem of tracking changes, while git-annex makes it possible to track the flow of information through a network of distributed repositories.
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