Both the assistant and git annex drop --auto refused to drop files from untrusted repositories. Got that fixed.

Finally recorded the xmpp pairing screencast. In one perfect take, which somehow recordmydesktop lost the last 3 minutes of. Argh! Anyway I'm editing it now, so, look for that screencast soon.

The goals for April poll results are in.

  • There have been no votes at all for working on cloud remotes. Seems that git-annex supports enough cloud remotes already.
  • A lot of people want the Android webapp port to be done, so I will probably spend some time on that this month.
  • Interest in other various features is split. I am surprised how many want git-remote-gcrypt, compared to the features that would make syncing use less bandwidth. Doesn't git push over xmpp cover most of the use cases where git-remote-gcrypt would need to be used with the assistant?
  • Nearly as many people as want features, want me to work on bug fixing and polishing what's already there. So I should probably continue to make screencasts, since they often force me to look at things with fresh eyes and see and fix problems. And of course, continue working on bugs as they're reported.
  • I'm not sure what to make of the 10% who want me to add direct mode support. Since direct mode is already used by default, perhaps they want me to take time off? :) (I certainly need to fix the ?Direct mode keeps re-checksuming duplicated files bug, and one other direct mode bug I discovered yesterday.)